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Bourne Carbon 2 Prisma

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Bourne Carbon 2 Prisma

Bourne Prisma Carbon 2, 2022, is a new racket from Varlion with a "oversized" diamond form and has a lot of focus on power

Varlion Cap Made of 100 % Polyester Microfiber, It has a Treatment Applied To the Upper Part of the Fabric That Prevents UV Radiation which Protects The Textile Against Bleaching and Head Against Sunbeams

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Varlion padel racket of professional level with a teardrop shape that privileges power over control.

It is made of a bidirectional carbon tube. Its core is made of 38mm Eva Hypersoft rubber of medium hardness, and it is laminated by layers of carbon and fiberglass fabric. The heart area is also reinforced with carbon fiber fabrics impregnated with Varlion's exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin to obtain maximum elasticity and resistance and covered by a layer of titanium dioxide.

One of the most important characteristics of this racket is the incorporation of Prisma frame, which provides greater acceleration and speed of movements thanks to its aerodynamic design. It includes as standard the adhesive Prisma bumper, which is designed and produced through an injection mold in low-hardness PTU to absorb shocks and scratches. This bumper is fixed on the frame of the racket through an adhesive, which also helps to avoid vibrations.

We have also applied the Slice technology (rough texture) to the hitting surface through a direct 3D screen printing system, to help the player apply effects on the ball more effectively.

And finally, it is worth highlighting the Handlesafety technology, a new safety system for the handle. Normally, in all rackets the rope comes out from a centered hole which is attached to the handle frame by means of a pin, rivets, nails, etc. However, with this system, the rope goes through the two walls of the handle and comes out on both sides of the tip, thus giving 100% safety and comfort to the grip.

Bourne, Hexagon frame and Adhesive Bumper are Utility and Industrial brands and models registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, and therefore the exclusive property and use of Varlion.