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Summum Pro Bag Purple

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Summum Pro Bag Purple

Summum Pro bag is the largest in the collection, which has the capacity to store 4 paddle rackets and a cargo volume of 54 liters

Varlion Cap Made of 100 % Polyester Microfiber, It has a Treatment Applied to the Upper Party of the FABRIC THAT Prevents UV Radiation which Protects The Textile Against Bleaching and Head Against Sunbeams


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The Summum Pro bag is the largest of the Collection. It has the capacity to store 4 padel rackets and a loading volume of 54 liters. Its exterior is made of high quality resistant and waterproof nylon, and it is fully padded and lined inside and all its compartments, so that the rackets and what you carry inside do not suffer any damage.

Among its compartments, we find:

•      A large pocket where you can store clothes, towels, ball pot, accessories, etc.

•      Two side pockets to store 4 padel rackets, two in each of them. One of these pockets also has a thermal protection to ensure that the rackets are completely protected against any exposure to high temperatures, and also are separated from each other thanks to an internal division that will prevent any type of chafing.

•      Two small pockets on the sides to store personal items such as wallet, mobile phone, glasses, keys, etc.

•      A special compartment to store shoes, which has three holes designed so that the shoes have good ventilation. These holes also allow the dirt accumulated on the sole while playing to fall through them.

Due it’s a large bag and is designed to be filled with a lot of weight, we have incorporated padded protections in the back area, to provide greater comfort. You can also carry it as if it was a backpack thanks to the handles, also padded, which have an ergonomic design that fits the shoulders and the shape of the body.

These bags are used by professional players of the Varlion Pro Team and Junior Team to attend their training sessions, tournaments and championships, facing the maximum demand they need.