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Ambassador Bag Blue

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Ambassador Bag Blue

SuurlÀhettilÀÀn laukku on suunniteltu antamaan sekÀ urheilullinen ettÀ kaupunkikÀyttö, joka on synteettisestÀ nahasta valmistettu vegaani, vedenpitÀvÀt vetoketjut ja sisÀosa on tÀysin vuorattu vaahdolla ja nylonilla, tÀssÀ reppussa voit kÀyttÀÀ melontatelinettÀ, a, a Kannettava tietokone, tabletti ja paljon muuta

varlion -korkki, joka on valmistettu 100 -prosenttisesta polyesterimikrokuidusta, sillÀ on hoidon sovellettu kankaan ylÀosaan, joka estÀÀ UV -sÀteilyÀ, joka suojaa tekstiiliÀ valkaisua ja pÀÀtÀ auringonsÀteiltÀ


✓ Lyhyt toimitusaika ✓ Asiakaspalvelu ✓ YlĂ€konsultointi ✓ Laatu

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The Ambassadors backpack is designed to give it both sporty and urban use. It is made of synthetic leather on the outside, waterproof zippers and the interior is fully lined with foam rubber and nylon. In this backpack you can carry your padel racket, a laptop, tablet and much more.

It has a loading volume of 26 liters and is designed so that you can take everything you need to play with full protection on the court. Its interior and partitions are covered with a high protection foam that will prevent your personal belongings from being hit.

As compartments, you will find:

  • A large main pocket where you can store clothes, towels, accessories, etc.
    Another special pocket with separation and fastening to store a laptop or tablet.
    Two small side pockets to store the mobile, keys, wallet and other personal items.
  • A special compartment to store shoes, which has three holes designed so that the shoes have good ventilation. These holes also allow the dirt accumulated on the sole while playing to fall through them.
  • And finally, two exterior compartments with a net to store a water bottle or balls on the outside.
  • Both the front handles and the rear part that rests on the back, have padded protections ergonomically designed to perfectly fit the shoulders and body shape, giving a perception of quality and unique comfort.

This backpack is designed in a wide variety of colors. Choose the one you like the most and look great both on and off the court.