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Varlion ambassador program


About the Program
The 2022 Varlion ambassador program is a new start for the brand in the Nordic region. We look for engaging players who loves the sport padel, plays often, puts a lot of effort and time to become a better player.

We are looking for ambassadors in all ages, genders, geographically located in the Nordics and the Baltic’s.
Trainers and coaches are more than welcome to apply as well!

What to expect
As a Varlion ambassador, you'll be part of our team of local heroes. You'll get to try rackets from the 2022 collection, get racket bags, accessories and clothing as well as take part of other brands that we have collaboration with such as Rehband, Ortho Movement, Smellwell.

The #VarlionAmbassador Mission
Your number one goal is to emphasize with the Varlion brand of being the number one brand in the Nordics with most experience and knowledge of padel racket production which is shown in the products, being #summumofpadel. You'll play with Varlion every time at in all your workouts and share your infectious enthusiasm for the brand with your online and offline community to help us recruit new players and fans. Last but certainly not least, you'll help to inspire and encourage your community members to a padel lifestyle.

How will you do it?
The easiest way to share is to play. Your loyalty to the brand will be clear from your presence online and offline. That means you'll post regular updates on social media and introduce Varlion to your club, training group and friends.

Apply to become an Ambassador
State your name, E-mail, mobile number, clothing and shoe size, delivery address, as well as your “Padel CV”.

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