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Avant C Ti Difusor Black

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Avant C Ti Difusor Black

Avant CTI Difus Black 2022, med sin litt cocky, men skandinaviske design, har en 100% karbonfiberramme for å gi deg den stivheten og stabiliteten du trenger for å alltid føle deg trygg i hvert slag og har maksimal kontroll

Varlion Cap laget av 100 % polyestermikrofiber, den har en behandling påført den øvre delen av stoffet som forhindrer UV -stråling som beskytter tekstilen mot bleking og hode mot solstråler

🎾 Skaff deg en gratis pakke baller med denne racketen! 🎾

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Varlion padel racket for advanced level players, with a teardrop shape that provides a balance between control and power.

Is manufactured using a bi-directional carbon tubular and a 38MM medium-hardness Hypersoft EVA core, laminated with layers of plain carbon fiber fabric and glass fiber fabric. The heart is reinforced with plain carbon fiber fabric and impregnated in Varlion's exclusive VAR-FLEX epoxy resin, to obtain maximum elasticity and resistance, covered by a layer of titanium dioxide.

Its main characteristics are:

Wings Diffuser technology in the heart, aerodynamically optimized with a 27% improvement in air passage compared to the previous one, which allows a better control of the racket to direct the ball where the player wants and with more regularity.
Includes an adhesive Hexagon bumper. Designed and produced through a low hardness PTU injection mold to absorb bumps and chafing. This protector is fixed on racket frame through an adhesive tape without the need to drill it, which also helps to avoid vibrations.
Hexatex technology (rough texture) on the hitting surface through a direct 3D screen printing system, to help the player apply effects to the ball more effectively.
And finally, it is worth highlighting the Handlesafety technology, a new safety system for the handle. Normally, in all rackets the rope comes out from a centered hole which is attached to the handle frame by means of a pin, rivets, nails, etc. However, with this system, the rope goes through the two walls of the handle and comes out on both sides of the tip, thus giving 100% safety and comfort to the grip.

Lethal Weapon, Hexagon frame, Wings Difusor and Adhesive Bumper, are brands and utility models registered in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, and therefore exclusively owned and used by Varlion.