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New drilling technology.

The new RADIO technology (patented in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office under number 202030310 ) is a novel way of manufacturing paddle tennis rackets. Historically, all blades have been made in a mold, and then drilled to make the holes on the plane. However, with RADIO technology, the blade is already perforated from the mold itself.

How is this possible?

Several factors are necessary. First, the carbon fabric, called 7 Rhombus CarbonFabric , is pre-drilled in the form of holes, before being placed in the mould. And then the core is placed which is also pre-trimmed and drilled before placement.

At the same time, a special mold had to be developed that includes "lugs" that simulate the holes in the blade in positive, with the aim of acting as a guide when it comes to correctly placing the materials (rubber and fabrics).

As a result, the blade comes out of the mold already with its holes, without the need to drill its surface.