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Slice, the new rough texture.

As its name suggests, it is specially designed for backhand or drive shots with slices or slices.

In its design, a series of curved lines have been arranged for right-handed players, which are duplicated in the opposite direction for left-handed players, so that the lines hook the ball and increase its effect. is the new format that results from the fusion between the Lethal Weapon (or LW; with a round shape) and Avant (with a teardrop shape). Thanks to this combination, a racket has been achieved that will provide you with more power than the LW and more control than the Avant. Maximum quality for the highest level.

Compared to a tennis racket, the hitch is even higher, as the racket strings are straight and horizontal in the shape of a cross creating a square. Instead, in the case of Slice technology, the lines are designed in a curved shape. In this way the surface of the ball that is in contact with these lines is much greater.