Varlion new official racket partner with Swedish Padel Open!

Swedish Padel Open is proud to announce Varlion as new racket partner 2022 & 2023 for the World Padel Tour Open tournaments in Sweden.Varlion is known worldwide as a quality racquet producer with many years of experience in padel and has been one of the leading brands for decades.

We are very proud to present this partnership with Varlion. To work with a brand with such experience, culture and care for quality makes us grateful, says Tournament Director Urban Johansson.

Sweden is one of the largest markets for premium padel racquets, so partnering up with the top tournament felt like a great match for us, says Felix Regalia, CEO and founder of Varlion.Varlion has designed an exclusive racket for this tournament, which will appeal to players looking for control as well as power in their game. With a rounded teardrop shape and a medium-high balance, it will make the player get the most out of their game.

Buy it online or at the Varlion booth during the World Padel Tour tournaments in Stockholm and Malmö.

This professional level padel racket has the Prisma frame, with which we managed to reduce by 90% the contact point of the frame against walls and surfaces, as well as 10% air resistance. – It is made with a bi-directional carbon tubular and Hypersoft foam core of medium hardness. The core is laminated with a woven layer of 12K carbon fiber, another layer of 3K carbon and a third layer of fiberglass.

Summum Technology: 1cm larger sweet spot area, longer handle (better grip), and a diffuser for better maneuverability and precision.

For more information contact Urban Johansson, Tournament Director Swedish Padel Open Urban.johansson@swedishpadelopen.seAbout Areco Malmö Padel Open

Areco Malmö Padel Open 2021 was widely considered a huge success with a total audience of more than 25 000 spectators and the tournament was awarded by the WPT organization as ‘best in the world’.

In november padel is coming back home to the region where everything started for this amazing sport in Sweden, in a city close to Denmark who are right now experiencing the same kind of ‘boom’ as Sweden did a few years back. The ambition from the organizer is to deliver an event and experience on at least the same level as last year!